"Thank you for all you did in moving this file along. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to say when I’ll be handling another matter in NJ, but if so, I know exactly who I’ll call. Sure could use more counsels like you down this way."

Claims Consultant of a national insurance company

“I just completed a serious general/product liability case and had Bob McGuirl and Jim Suozzo as my opponents. Through their persistent and diligent efforts, they succeeded in extricating their products client from the case without a payment and with a voluntary dismissal. ... If I were a self-insured or a carrier, I would engage this firm as they are very civil, but determined lawyers who fought hard for their client and were not intimidated by the big firm representing a Fortune 500 company.”

A Plaintiff’s counsel

"You're busy, because you are great at what you do ... You have a great reputation ... With your attitude you'll continue to thrive!"

Claims Consultant of a national insurance company

"There is no one more cost conscious and cost efficient. You accelerate the closure rate on these files, which means reducing the overall costs and increasing the certainty of result."

Chief Litigation Counsel of a major international medical device company

"We explained that the reason we engaged a New Jersey attorney for a Pennsylvania case was because Bob was experienced in this type of litigation and in just a few weeks he had given us more insight on where we stood and where we were heading than our existing local counsel, defending the case for several years, had ever given us."

Senior Claims Consultant of a national insurance company

"I met Bob many years ago when he sued me and my company on behalf of his clients and took us to the cleaners. When that case finished, we hired him. He has been working for us and our companies ever since."

Ambulatory Surgery Center Manager, M.D. and Principal in multiple medical business ventures.
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