Products Liability

On behalf of manufacturers we quickly and efficiently investigate and resolve claims and lawsuits against our clients alleging personal injury as a result of product defect, breach of warranty, negligence and related theories. We regularly respond to claims of defective design, manufacture and inadequate warning. We defuse single cases for clients. For certain clients we resolve many cases of a similar nature in varied locales or consolidated into a single venue. We appear regularly throughout state and federal courts in New Jersey as well as throughout the country on certain products in which we possess specialized knowledge and experience at the request of the client. We have worked with other firms, large and small as both local counsel and national counsel.

Among the products whose manufacture and design we have litigated are the following: Aerosol Cans, Asbestos, Bicycles, Coating/Laminating Machinery, Chain Binders, Commercial Power Saws, Corrugating Equipment, Elevators, Fire Retardant Plywood, Floor Hatches, Floor Sealants, Gas-Powered Engines, Handguns, Heat-Treating Furnaces, Home Power Tools, Hydraulic Levelers, Hydraulic Steering, Insecticides, Lawnmowers, Load Securement Devices, Meat Cutting Equipment, Metal Forming Machinery, Paint Guns, Paper Machinery, Playground Equipment, Powerboats, Pressure Reducing Valves, Pressure Washers, Punch Presses, Refinery Controls, Shopping Carts, Snowblowers, Spa Equipment, Spray Disinfectants, Truck Lifts, Trucks, Water Treatment Systems, Wheelchair Lifts, Wood-Burning Furnaces, Wood Chippers

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