Health Care Litigation

We prosecute and defend claims and lawsuits on behalf of New Jersey physicians, group medical practices, and ambulatory surgery centers in a wide range of legal and business matters.

Our services include the following areas among others:

  • Restrictive Covenants - Enforcement and Relaxation
  • Physician Practice Disputes - Among partners/shareholders
  • Business and Contract Disputes - With others outside the practice, including retired practice members, lenders, debtors, real estate interest holders
  • Ambulatory Surgery Center Issues - Member Withdrawal/Termination and Valuation of Membership Interest, Anti-Kickback, Stark, Codey allegations
  • Hospital Privilege Actions - Representing the targeted physician
  • Board of Medical Examiners - Representing the targeted physician or practice in licensing matters
  • Employee Termination/Discrimination Problems - with current and former employees
  • Insurance Coverage Disputes - Obtaining coverage for physicians and practices, protecting against excess and uncovered losses
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