Civil Litigation

  • Represented a senior citizen who tripped and fell on the poorly maintained, pothole-ridden driveway near the dumpster of her apartment building. She tripped and fell onto her face, sustaining several deep lacerations to her forehead, nose and eyelids. The emergency room physician called in a plastic surgeon. During the first surgery the plastic surgeon felt that the cut that went right through the lower eyelid was beyond even his expertise. He sutured the other areas but called in an oculoplastic surgeon who, during a second surgery the following day, repaired the laceration to the eyelid. Our client spent three days in the hospital and had months of follow-up appointments with several different doctors. Photographs taken in the emergency room showing the significant damage to the eye and forehead helped us to secure a six-figure settlement shortly after filing suit.

  • Defended a Midwestern machinery manufacturer against claims that its improper loading of equipment onto a flatbed trailer proximately caused plaintiff’s multiple skull fractures, traumatic brain injury (TBI) and other catastrophic damages when it fell off a forklift and on him during the unloading process. Through successfully exposing plaintiff’s expert’s “net opinions” as based on conjecture, not fact, and lacking causative relationship, our pretrial motions based on those defenses as well as the lack of a legal duty and the intervention of superseding causes, caused plaintiff to accept an extremely favorable settlement at a fraction of the multi-million dollar demand.

  • Represented a 9-year-old girl repeatedly and graphically sexually assaulted and traumatized by her 14-year-old neighbor in a vacant premises used for day care. Our suit alleging failure to supervise and other claims caused several insurance carriers to respond on behalf of insureds and, pursuant to the parents’ wishes, we secured a settlement significant to fund her future education and meet her ongoing medical and emotional counseling needs.

  • Represented a commercial middleman caught between a major client construction contractor and an industrial parts manufacturer who supplied hundreds of high rise water pressure valves which failed to meet specifications and caused extensive problems and damage. After suit filed in state court and removed to federal court in Newark and an exchange of discovery and negotiations, we were able to extricate our client through a resolution with the other parties.

  • Represented a pregnant wife whose innocent bystander husband was accidentally killed by a single gunshot intended for another in a Linden New Jersey bar and restaurant. The gunman had entered the bar armed despite the presence of bouncers tasked with checking patrons for firearms upon entry. Our wrongful death lawsuit for inadequate security resulted in a settlement held in a court-administered fund for the surviving wife and her young son.

  • Represented several entrepreneurs sued by their former employer, a national education company, after the creation and success of their child educational services business focused upon Supplemental Educational Services (SES) and the No Child Left Behind Act. We went on the offensive and were able to secure a favorable resolution allowing them to continue their thriving business despite restrictive covenants and other interference from their former employer seeking to shut them down.

  • Represented the catastrophically injured driver of an SUV whose car rolled over several times, ejecting and killing her son and injuring her husband. Our client suffered, among other injuries, a closed head injury, stripping of large portions of her scalp from her skull, two broken wrists, two herniated discs as well as the psychological damage in witnessing her own son’s death. Settlements were obtained from the car driver’s carrier and our client’s carrier for underinsured motorist protection. The case went to trial against our client’s excess insurance carrier, which alleged there was a gap in the underlying automobile policies, after we successfully obtained a ruling reforming the policy to provide full coverage. The case subsequently settled after responsibility had been established and trial had begun on the extent of damages to be awarded.

  • Represented a traveling businessman who suffered a tri-malleolar ankle fracture requiring multiple surgeries and the placement of plates and screws as well as other injuries after falling in his hotel’s poorly plowed and salted parking lot. A favorable six-figure settlement was reached the week before trial.

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