Civil Litigation

We are civil litigators - first and foremost. While we have the ability and experience to work your case up properly and try it if need be to win, we also have the good sense to avoid all that if we can and still achieve the results you seek. If negotiation or mediation will get you there more quickly and efficiently, we are all in. Our focus is on accomplishing your goals.

We represent individuals, businesses and industry in disputes arising out of breach of contract, the sale or purchase of goods or services, unfair competition, interference with contractual relations, breach of employee non-disclosure agreements, breach of non-competition or non-solicitation agreements, breach of fiduciary duties, litigation arising from mergers and acquisitions, buy-sell agreements, property and franchise and distributorship sales, construction liens and contractor disputes, construction litigation, partnership, shareholder, and owner disputes over profits, control of the company, dissolution, allegations of minority shareholder oppression, defamation, fraud, misrepresentation, infringement of intellectual property rights, and insurance litigation.

We have had significant success over many years in substantive personal injury and wrongful death cases involving products liability, construction and workplace accidents, healthcare, premises, and vehicular collision.

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