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We are experienced civil litigation lawyers who have successfully represented clients as large as international medical device companies and as small as infants. We spend most of our time in New Jersey state and federal trial-level courts but represent clients in forums as different as federal multi-district litigations and municipal court. We have represented clients in most of the fifty states. Our reputation is strongest in NJ where we enjoy high recognition for legal acumen honed during 35 years in the courtroom. Our New Jersey products liability attorneys have given seminars to fellow lawyers throughout the state on issues including products liability cases, healthcare lawsuits, use of technology in the courtroom, analysis of medical records, and negotiation.

Health care litigation and products liability, including medical device defense, are our main areas of legal concentration. We regularly represent medical groups, doctors, and surgery centers involved in disputes including termination of employees or partners, valuation of ownership interests, and enforcement of restrictive covenants. We also represent physicians in hospital privilege actions and licensing issues in front of the Board of Medical Examiners (BME). With regard to medical devices, we represent manufacturers in lawsuits and claims relating to breast implants and obesity products, including LAP-BAND®. For the past 35 years we have been handling suits involving products ranging from elevators to lawnmowers to industrial machinery like punch presses and meat grinders.

While our New Jersey products liability lawyers have had our share of favorable verdicts, our clients are usually more satisfied when they are spared the time, expense, publicity and uncertainty of the full litigation process. They are not enamored of the law or the process: they view it as a means to an end. Our clients appreciate not the stuff of headline victories but the anonymity of cases that end shortly after they begin with favorable resolution and without fanfare or press, frequently with a confidentiality agreement. Headlines are good for our business – not theirs. It is the interests of our clients that we serve, not our own. In doing so, we both benefit.

To each case – whether a lawsuit has been filed yet or not – we bring a creative approach to the problem at hand. We consult with the client to understand (or help formulate) the goals from the beginning. We bring decades of knowledge of our client’s industry as well as our own legal experience to bear upon the task at hand, and create a plan that will help the client reach its goal in as cost-effective manner as possible. While we are civil litigators, we usually advise our clients to litigate as a last, not first, resort. We negotiate a satisfactory resolution where we can.

We litigate where necessary. During the litigation we stay in touch, ensuring that the client remains in the loop. The client is assured of our candor. Our New Jersey products liability lawyers tell the client what we mean and mean what we tell them. We start the litigation journey with the client from wherever they are. We focus on the end goal, using technology, knowledge, experience, persuasion, street smarts, an open mind and sheer force of will to get the client where he or she wants to be, without unnecessary costly stops in the middle. We do that together. The process may include mediating or arbitrating in addition to going to verdict or settling. The client’s goals direct our actions.

We can do this for you.

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